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A MESSAGE TO ALL OF VOL'S UK READERS. We urge you to read and sign this petition.

David W. Virtue DD 
January 5, 2011


by D. Skinner

I wish to present a petition to the Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron, in support of Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who run a Christian bed and breakfast business in in their home in Cornwall. They are facing a civil court claim for £5,000 and possibly the closure of their business because they refused a double bed to two gay men, Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall. It is alleged that the Mr and Mrs Bull have contravened the Sexual Orientation Regulations (2007) that outlaw discrimination in the provision of good and services on the grounds of sexual orientation. It must be noted, however, that the Bulls have a policy that denies anyone a double bed who is not married, whether gay or straight.

 Please sign the petition:

 As will be seen, this issue is much greater than someone loosing their B&B and possibly their home. Whether we are "religious" or not the Bulls represent all of us who see our freedom to live quiet, decent, family oriented lives is being stolen through secular and gay minority groups who are determined to re engineer society so as to achieve absolute sexual liberation, no matter the cost to the rest of society.

 The strategy being waged by these secular, social engineers who are determined to change the most intimate and private relationship between men and women is a simple one. Cut off the supply of goods and services essential for maintaining traditional marriage, such as access to a Christian bed and breakfast, and normal family life dies. But what replaces it? Families that come in all shapes and sizes, where children, born through IVF and surrogacy, are raised by two fathers, or four mothers, or three lesbians and two trans sexuals, or any number of partners of any sexual orientation, of any gender and for any length of time.

 The Sexual Orientation regulations that talk of non discrimination in delivery of goods and services sound harmless enough, but we are not talking about the buying and selling of houses or the serving of tea and coffee in a restaurant. We are talking about goods and services provided by teachers, schools, counsellors, firemen, policemen, foster parents, adoption agencies, parents, old peoples homes, magistrates, paediatricians, nurses, doctors, clergy, politicians, - all those who are key to maintaining secure, stable and cohesive families with a father and mother, husband and wife at their centre, the very building block of our nation, as we have understood it for the last two thousand years and more. It should come as no surprise that it is Stonewall, the homosexual lobby, whose chief executive is Ben Summerskill, who are implicated in the case against Mr and Mrs Bull, for it is they who were the main authors of the Sexual Orientation Regulations that were enacted in 2007

 The Christian Institute revealed in 2008 the level of influence that Stonewall exerted on Tony Blair's policies while he was Prime Minister. It reported that the actor and homosexual campaigner, Sir Ian McKellen, whilst speaking at Stonewall's annual 'Equality Dinner' fundraiser, recalled meeting Tony Blair on behalf of Stonewall three months before his election as Prime Minister.

 "I reeled off Stonewall's demands, and he nodded, wrote them down and put a tick by them all. Then he said we will do all that."

 Since then there has been a flood of gay rights legislation, including the SORs, resulting in ordinary, respectable and law abiding servants of society being publicly humiliated, fined, being removed from their jobs, having their businesses shut down, being arrested, harassed by the police and threatened with prison.

 Perhaps the public would have better understood the danger to their basic human rights, if they had been more aware in 2006, when the SORs were being formulated by the ex Marxist, lesbian anarchist, and Stonewall's first chief executive, Angela Eagle. If it had been pointed out to them that by making it illegal to deny lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and polysexuals all goods and services, indescriminately, it would also become illegal for the majority of society, that which "breeds" naturally, to receive goods and services that protect traditional family life, marriage and children or to refuse goods and services that threaten the same.

 It should also come as no surprise that Angela Mason is also one of the commissioners of the Equality and Human Rights Commision that is presently funding the two gays against Mr and Mrs Bull.

Please sign the petition:

As has been noted the gay lobby and secularists are working hand in hand to completely transform society. Although at present there is no legislation forcing doctors and nurses to deliver the service of abortion and euthanasia to patients, there is legislation in the pipeline, for doing just this; though already in practise lone doctors and nurses in hospitals and practices who refuse to condone such practices are being weeded out.

 How long before we, the patients, are forced to accept the services of abortion and euthanasia? At the moment, this idea seems repugnant and yet that is exactly the situation we are moving towards.

 In the area of mental health counsellors and marriage guidance who offer patients release from unwanted sexual attractions and obsessions are being suspended or having their business shut down. It is possible that their patients, in addition to being denied a service, will shortly be forced to undergo therapy in order to strengthen their sexual addictions. They will have no choice.

 Joe Nicolosi, an American psychiatrist talks about this right to choose, whilst being interviewed by the lesbian, BBC newspresenter, Jane Hill. To her it seems that the notion that anyone should be allowed to leave homosexuality is novel and outrageous. Whilst she would no doubt encourage heterosexuals to convert to becoming gay as this, I can imagine in her opinion, would be a superior orientation, more suited to the needs of an increasingly complex society, she is not prepared for traffic to go the other way. If there is any change, she will only allow movement into the jaws of the pink, reticulated python. <

 The picture becomes much clearer within education. Head teachers and their staff who refuse to deliver gay ideologically driven education are being sacked and parents who complain that their children are not being taught the morals and values of their parents, in addition to being smeared as homophobes, are being invited to take their children elsewhere. But for many there is no where else to go apart from the state system. Home schooling at the moment is an escape root but even this may soon be outlawed.

 The Daily Telegraph reported in June 2009:

"Children as young as four were among the pupils told about same sex relationships as part of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. During the talk children at Bromstone Primary in Broadstairs, Kent, were played music by Elton John and told he was homosexual. A string of parents have since complained their children were left "confused" and "worried" by the assembly.

 "Michelle Cosgrove, 33, of Westgate-on-Sea, said a number of parents had felt the school had not listened to their complaints about the assembly, and they were treated as homophobic just for asking why they were not consulted."

 A Letter posted in the Sun from same incident: "My daughter attended that assembly, She is 7,she came home confused and upset, the assembly was NOT done in a sympathetic way at all ,we tried as parents to talk to the headmaster ,he called us all homophobic, said our children were liars, and if we did not agree with him we should take our children out of his school, I know teachers work hard and I have every respect for them I have no problem with the teachers it was all the headmaster, so my reply to the comments made earlier by the primary school teacher is it is my choice as a parent to teach my daughter about these things it was the headteacher who did not listen to us ,he did not want to know."

 Meanwhile, one of the founder member members of Stonewall, Sir Ian McKellen, without parental knowledge or permission, under the pretence of fighting homophobia, has been free for the last three years to enter schools and whole education authorities in order promote gay ideology. Anyone raising the slightest objection to this is suspended from their posts and sent for diversity training at Stonewall's headquarters in London, as has a Conservative counsellor from Bristol city council, Mr Chris Windows.

 In 2007 the gay adoption bill was also passed which gave the right for gays to adopt children. Any organisation or foster parent that would not approve of gay legislation have since been shut down or lost their right to foster or adopt. The consequence is that the receivers of these services, parents and children have been denied their choice of Christian homes. Children are forcibly brought up in gay households; they the receivers of goods and services have no choice.

 To return therefore to Mr Mrs Bull and their Christian B&B, Stonewall and the ECHR will force them to endure what is in their view depraved sexual conduct under their own roof and rather than be tormented by those who mock their Christian and tradition values will have no choice but to close down.

 Some would say to those who would normally choose to patronise a Christian B&B, "learn to live and let live. If you don't like sodomy, fornication and adultery, don't do it. Don't engage in it; and if you don't like the situation; go somewhere else." But there will be no where else for Christians to go. Our right to choose is being is taken away.

 But this is not the end game.

With regard to the current demand to make gay civil partnerships and marriage the same, we are told that churches will not be forced to officiate such marriage services and to suggest such things is exaggerating and being and alarmist, but there are many who would say that I am exaggerating and that my fears for our children are unfounded.

 When David Steele introduced the Abortion Bill in 1967, as a means to save a mother's life, he never envisioned a time when Britain would have destroyed nearly 7,000,000 babies at a current rate of 200,000 a year. After forty years he seems to have only just woken up to the nightmare of a genocide taking place on an industrial scale - that was of his designing.

 With regard to the freedom to discuss or criticise homosexuality, Lord Monson, during a debate, on the 3^rd March, 2008, in the House of Lords, recounted a previous debate, over fifty years ago, when the Wolfenden Report resulted in a relaxation of the homosexual laws, there was a voice of disquiet then:

 "Yes, the Wolfenden proposals are all very well, but they are the thin end of the wedge. The pendulum is bound to swing too far in the other direction. Mark my words, before many years are out, they"-the more militant homosexuals and not, of course, the ordinary discreet sort-"will demand not merely toleration for their sexual activities-no problem about that-but positive respect, even admiration, for them". 'To which I /(Lord Monson)/ replied, "Oh, come on. Nonsense. You're being alarmist". 'With hindsight, I have to say that I was wrong and they were right.'/

 But those promises designed to allay our concerns, since 1997, have been broken at every stage. We have learnt from experience that there are no exceptions, no tolerance for dissenters. There will be no room for discretion, no opportunity for people to live according to Christian or traditional values. We will have no choice.

 Unless churches are willing to perform gay marriages and what in their eyes are abominations, they, like Mr and Mrs Bulls bed and breakfast business and adoption agencies that wont sign up to gay ideology will be shut down.

 Unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour we arise again and take our stand for freedom as we did in 1940, what we witness today will be only the beginning of a terrible reckoning. This will only be the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year, until, as a nation, we collapse.

 Start the fight back by signing the petition below which will be sent to Mr David Cameron.

 "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to remove or amend the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs, enacted 2007) that Outlaw Discrimination in the Provision of Goods and Services on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans sexual etc.)

 These violate our human right to choose goods and services supportive of traditional family life where there is a father and mother, husband and wife at its centre and simultaneously refuse us the right to reject goods and services that force us and our children to conform to gay and secular ideology, or be in an environment that condones or promotes it."

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