SACRAMENTO: Church service livens up funeral home

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SACRAMENTO: Church service livens up funeral home

By Ashley Whittingham, Telegraph Staff Writer 
August 16, 2011

The Rev. Carl "CJ" Johnson, Folsom's Police chaplain, is shepherding his new Folsom church in the Miller Funeral Home in Folsom.

Members of a new church in Folsom gather every Sunday in a location that many may consider unconventional. Since April, the Holy Spirit Anglican Church has been holding services in the chapel inside Miller Funeral Home on Scott Street.

The Rev. Carl Johnson, a Folsom Police chaplain, established the new site for the church because the next closest Anglican parish is located in Elk Grove, a considerably far drive for many Sacramento County residents.

"Folsom is somewhat centralized in the Sacramento area. It's about 15 minutes from surrounding cities," said Johnson.

The Anglican Church of North America's Archbishop Robert Duncan has established a goal to plant 1,000 new churches in the United States within five years, according to David Trautman, communications director for the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

"Due to the small time frame, there won't be enough church buildings available. The Folsom service at the funeral home is an example of how Anglicans are thinking creatively to reach out to the community," said Duncan.

Johnson had previously asked another funeral home in Folsom to be the site for the Holy Spirit Church but they declined the request. Current parishioners have not voiced complaint or grievances about holding service at the site, according to Johnson.

"Everybody says it's a beautiful and calming location. We are very thankful to the Miller family for allowing us to use their facility," said Johnson.

The church plans on keeping the Miller Funeral Home their permanent gathering spot unless they reach 100 members, in which case they will move to a larger location, according to Johnson.

"Our role at St. James Anglican Church is to help launch new churches in Northern California," said the Rev. Ed McNeill. "We are very excited for Reverend Johnson in beginning Holy Spirit Anglican Church and we're thrilled to be partnered with them."

Parishioners from all over Sacramento County have started attending the Holy Spirit Church, according to Johnson.

"We are inviting people from all over the area. Our most recent members drove all the way from Placerville," said Johnson.

Services are held every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and Bible study takes place weekly at various parishioners' households.

"All are welcome to attend our church, from infants to centenarians," said Johnson.

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In the Know

What: The Holy Spirit Anglican Church

When: Service held 10:30 a.m. every Sunday

Where: Miller Funeral Home, 507 Scott St., Folsom


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