Britain's sick society needs biblical standards

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Fri Aug 19 13:01:40 EDT 2011

Britain's sick society needs biblical standards

News release from Church Society 
August 17, 2011

Britain's sick society needs biblical standards

The terrible riots in London, Manchester and other English cities are surely a wake-up call that there is something seriously wrong with our society. The Prime Minister is right to say that society is sick and that there has been a 'moral collapse'. 

The recent appalling lawlessness and anti-social behaviour are further powerful evidence that Britain's abandonment of the Christian faith has left our children without any moral compass. Parental responsibility, respect for our neighbours' lives and property are all God-given standards of conduct revealed in the Bible. Unless Britain returns to these standards and the God who lovingly gave them to us, our society can only grow sicker and more broken than it already is. 

It is the duty of the Church of England to call upon our nation to repent of its lawlessness and to turn back to God in humble dependence on Him, salvation from sin being found through faith alone in Christ, God's one and only Son.


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