UK: Beware the Archbishop's selective ire

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UK: Beware the Archbishop's selective ire
August 9, 2011

For a man who has courted controversy since he became Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams is surprisingly choosy about his targets. Westminster Village is one thing but Westminster council is another.

Some are asking why he is refusing to take on Westminster council on behalf of 15,000 Christian worshippers who, according to the Bishop of London Richard Chartres, feel their church attendance would suffer severely from the council's recent decision to charge £4.40 an hour to park on Sundays.

Chartres has expressed concern that "the legislation will be detrimental to the parishioners who have met Sunday by Sunday in our parish churches for hundreds of years ... and the last figures I saw for Westminster showed that about 15,000 attend churches of all denominations on a Sunday".

Lambeth Palace, however, is staying well out of the controversy. "We do not wish to comment," says spokesman David Brownlie-Marshall.

Three years ago the archbishop caused outrage when he said there were certain aspects of sharia law that are unavoidable and, more recently as guest editor of the New Statesman in June, he took on Downing Street when he accused the Coalition of rushing through radical policies "for which no one voted".

He dismissed David Cameron's vision of a Big Society as "painfully stale" and said ministers needed to understand how much "plain fear" their plans had aroused. That "plain fear" is now being experienced by Westminster parishioners.

VOL FOOTNOTE: To date Dr. Williams has also been strangely silent on the lawlessness that has broken out in the major cities of England while a number of his bishops (at least three to date) have expressed their outrage at the looting, fire-bombing and more that has been going on. VOL was told that they were mostly looters of Caribbean origin.

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