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VirtueOnline Weekly Digest
August 12, 2011

1.  VIEWPOINTS England's Cities Burn*Zimbabwean Anglicans Face
Expulsion*Ohio Churches Split

2.  The Enemy from Within

3.  The Invisible Hand Is Writing On the Episcopal Church Wall

4.  Presiding Bishop Paints TEC's Role as Victim in Zimbabwe Speech

5.  The Humility of John Stott: Two Preachers Recall How Gently He
Corrected Them

6.  TORRANCE, CA: Anglicans find a home in Old Torrance

7.  Archbishop of Canterbury speaks in House of Lords

8.  Riot statements by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of
Lon don

9.  London-area Bishops Respond to Riots

10. LONDON: Church of England Rector Watches Parish Being Looted

11. Reflections on the August City Riots in England

12. UK: Beware the Archbishop's selective ire

13. OHIO: Episcopal Churches split

14. ALBANY: Wedding plans get update

15. San Joaquin Valley churches move on after splits on values

16. COLORADO SPRINGS: Church rises from 'ashes' of old Syn nightclub

17. Zimbabwe high court awards custody of church properties to
excommunicated bishop

18. Anglican priest forced to leave All Saints', Damascus

19. My Friend, John Stott, Significantly Shaped My Ministry - Rick

20. J.I. Packer: John Stott Was 'Most Modest of Men'

21. LONDON: Funeral held for Revd John Stott

22. Radical trust - Ellen F. Davis

The following articles can be found on the VOL website by following the

1. DALLAS: Testimony resumes in lawsuit against Episcopal School of

2. TRIPOLI: In Libya's Capital, Straight Talk From Christians

3. Whatever Happened To Jennifer Knapp?

4. So why do they call it 'gay'?

5. 2011 List of TV networks which most promote homosexuality

6. Without John Stott, UK evangelicals would resemble the Tea Party

7. Evangelicals More Coherent if John Stott had backed Reform

8. 'Doing God' is good for your health

9. Archaeologists think newly discovered tomb may be Philip's


11. The Invisible Hand Is Writing On Our Wall

12. UK: Looters: them or us? - Mike Ovey

13. Without John Stott, UK evangelicals would resemble the Tea Party

14. Evangelicals More Coherent if John Stott had backed Reform

15. Britain's liberal intelligentsia has smashed virtually every social

16. What Is The Cost of Abortion to America?


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