WAS THE TAC SYNOD ILLEGAL? - Allan Singleton-Wood

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By Allan Singleton-Wood 
July 25, 2010

In October 2007 the bishops of TAC formally expressed the desire to enter into full unity with the See of Rome and declared their adherence to the doctrines expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (in a statement authorized by Archbishop John Hepworth on 16 October 2007).

They undertook to teach those doctrines (which include all the dogma) to their flock, thus seriously breaching the constitutions of the TAC, the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada Society, their parish constitutions and the Affirmation of St. Louis. Indeed all these bodies became basically redundant at that time.

The subsequent request made by the Bishops to the Holy See to erect Roman Catholic Ordinariates into which parishes would be "corporately" converted and decisions made to seek approval for their actions at a Synod was another major breach of these constitutions.

Surely, the Synod managed by the architects of this series of invalid actions and constitutional breaches must itself have been illegal.

Is there really no requirement under law for a Society that refuses to be bound to its basic laws to dissolve? How can there logically be a continuance of any kind of the Traditional Anglican Communion or the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada Society?

As it stands, the true traditional Anglicans have been left behind, many without spiritual homes, while the TAC House of Bishops and clergy and many laity (who are largely unaware of the sad state of affairs) leave for Rome.

---Allan Singleton-Wood is an Anglo-catholic layman who resides in Victoria, British Columbia

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