GROSS POINTE, MI: Rev. Whitaker resigns his post at Christ Church Grosse Pointe

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GROSS POINTE, MI: Rev. Whitaker resigns his post at Christ Church Grosse Pointe 
July 21, 2010

The resignation of the Rev. Bradford Whitaker, senior pastor at Christ Church Grosse Pointe, was read to the Episcopal congregation members at a parish meeting Tuesday night.

Whitaker, a popular leader of the church for the past eight years, had been on suspension since April. The congregation was stunned by news the Michigan Episcopal diocese was investigating "a serious allegation" that was not immediately specified. Whitaker was banned from the church or from communicating with church leaders during the inquiry. It was later revealed that the diocese was looking into claims that Whitaker had an affair while serving in a previous church. Whitaker and his wife Harriet, a teacher, and three children live in a home on the church grounds on Grosse Pointe Boulevard in the Farms.

Whitaker apparently will retain his ordination status, but will not be allowed to preach in an Episcopal Church for at least three years, according to church members.

Four items were read to church members Tuesday night: a letter from Rt. Rev. Wendell G. Gibbs, bishop of the Michigan Diocese; a letter of resignation from Rev. Whitaker addressed to the Vestry, the ruling body of the church and the bishop; a letter from Rev. Whitaker to the parish and the Vestry's statement to the congregation.

The Vestry issued this statement:

"The Vestry of Christ Church Grosse Pointe has accepted the resignation of its Rector, Bradford G. Whitaker, effective immediately. The Vestry is grateful for Rev. Whitaker's visionary leadership over the past eight years. He preached and lived his deep spirituality humbly and with humor. His message of the importance of community, outreach and inclusivity brought our parish family together.

"In the coming weeks, the leadership of Christ Church will be working with Bishop Wendell Gibbs, Jr. and the Diocesan Office of Southeastern Michigan to call an Interim rector and begin the search process for Christ Church Grosse Pointe's 10th Rector. We wish Rev. Whitaker all the best in his future endeavors."

FOOTNOTE: The Very Rev. Dr. David Dieter, is the Senior Associate Rector of this parish. According to his online profile he lives in the Grosse Pointe Park rectory with his life partner, Richard Thomas, a garden and landscape designer. So, one priest gets tossed out for committing heterosexual adultery and the other rector gets a pass for committing homosexual fornication!

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