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Our Beloved Anglican Communion is in turmoil. The Episcopal Church roils from crisis to crisis. Each year is one of tumult and turbulence, but even on the worst of days we could hear the still small voice saying press on...follow me. And we at VirtueOnline do; every day. We do not stop for a week or a day. Daily at the web site and weekly in a news digest we faithfully send you the news.

More than 4 million of you visited the web site and thousands receive a weekly digest of stories to stay informed.

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Below is the latest letter from VOL asking for support from our friends, readers and members.

Every Blessing in Christ,

David W. Virtue DD
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July 2010
Dear Friends and Readers of VOL,
Newspapers across America are dying. The Internet is becoming THE source of news for more and more Americans of all generations. Religion reporters -- what's left of them -- are hobbled by lack of travel budgets and the rigidly local focus of many media.
It is just as true in the sphere of religion and church news as it is in the secular sphere. The Internet, along with podcasts and videos, now rules the news world.
In order to survive, some newspapers are creating pay walls for their newspaper stories and for their columnists and bloggers who report more than just the news. Newspapers are charging as much as a $1 per issue.
We at VOL have believed from the beginning that news about the Anglican Communion should be open and free and not hidden behind pay walls.
To be a continuing serious news service for all Anglicans, we must grow. The glut of religion newspaper reporters, many with Episcopal backgrounds makes it possible and easier for VOL to hire some of the best reporters across North America to cover both Episcopal and Anglican news.
We believe in giving you the reader primary source documents whenever available. We write the hard news and provide, we hope, illuminating news analysis and commentary.
No other Anglican news service travels the world to cover the stories for you like VOL. Most recently we were in Singapore.
You may not always agree with us. We sometimes don’t always agree among ourselves, but we try to be honest and to reflect fairly what classical Anglicans believe.
But we can only do it with your help.
Fund raising is the hardest thing we do. We are also sure it is the thing our readers like the least. It is also the one thing that keeps us truly independent and free to report things the way they are, without influence. We are beholden to no one except the truth.
To keep the news coming daily to the website and weekly in the form of a news digest we need your financial support to keep the website up and running, pay for reporters and much more.
No one is getting rich off this. We pay the bills and pray for funds for the next month.
You can make a tax deductible donation at:
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Thank you for your support. It is truly appreciated.
In Christ,


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