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VOL Weekly News Digest
July 2, 2010

1. VIEWPOINTS Williams Under Pressure* Schori Mocks Covenant in
NZ*Victory in Ft. Worth*More

2. Anglican Church in North America Divides up Continent for
Evangelism & Growth


4. Deep Divisions in Traditional Anglican Communion Erupt over Pope's
Unity Offer

5. FORT WORTH: Episcopal Church suffers procedural setback in Fort
Worth lawsuit

6. TEC:SCLM announces task force group leaders for liturgies for
same-sex blessings

7. NEW ZEALAND: Jefferts Schori Says Gay Ordinations about Loss of Power

8. New Zealand:Bishop Gray to Jefferts Schori:"You can wear a mitre in
my cathedral

9. Jefferts Schori in NZ: Still seeking freedom

10. General Synod Draft Legislation: Women in the Episcopate amendment

11. Church Society Writes Open Letter to General Synod - women bishops

12. ZIMBABWE: Anglican Bishop Denies Supporting Homosexuality

13. WEST AFRICA: Archbishop Justice Akrofi resigns from the Standing Committee

14. Texas Bishop assesses +Canterbury's Pentecost Letter and PB
Schori's Response

15. Russian Orthodox Church raises fears over pro-gay Protestant Churches

16. Bishop of Iran quits Anglican Communion's Standing Committee

17. NEW HAVEN, CT: priest leaving Episcopal Church to follow
evangelical calling

18. DALE CITY, Va.:A prayer-led life - Bishop John Guernsey

19. A response from the Anglican Catholic Church to Rome's Offer to
Former Anglicans

20. Continuum Group at Loggerheads over Rome's Offer of Ordinariate

21. The Church of Jesus Christ in the West is in a Babylonian
captivity -Os Guinness

22. Vermont Cathedral Dean on Buddhist Sabbatical

23. A Dangerous Structure: Can General Synod Stave Off Collapse?

24. Summer 2010 - VOL Needs Your Support

The following stories are available at via the
hyperlink below the article title:

1. The PROS and CONS of the Personal Ordinariate

2. These compromised bishops will not fly

3. How Missionaries Lost Their Chariots of Fire

4. Religious intolerance 'the new racism'

5. The Realism of Religious Freedom

6. The Case Against Marriage, Courtesy of Newsweek

7. HERESY AND ORTHODOXY: Part II - Bruce Atkinson

8. George Washington's Anglicanism

9. Restoring the Equilibrium

10. NEW JERSEY: Building 'new life' into former Episcopal house of worship

11. Church of England won't sell BP shares

12. FT. WORTH Court Decision: The Spin Double-Spun

13. UGANDA: Frantic Search for Missing Pro Gay Anglican Priest

14. FT. WORTH, TX: Episcopal Church proponents suffer legal setback in
Fort Worth

15. UK: New bishop holds firm to incremental reform in Church

16. Power play creating autumnal church

17. Does Opting for "Local Option" Equate to Opting out of Life in Communion?

18. VANCOUVER, BC: Costs Awarded against Vancouver Area ANiC Parishes' Trustees


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