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1.  VIEWPOINTS: Robinson to "Pray" at Obama Inauguration...Ft. Worth Remnant Stymied...More


3.  FT. WORTH: Dissident Episcopal Stayers in Quandary over Their Future

4.  Long Island Episcopal Bishop Could Face Presentment if He Stays Beyond Election

5.  Saddleback Pastor Offers Spiritual Refuge for Displaced Anglicans

6.  Episcopal Bishops Reveal Hamas Bias in Middle East War

7.  DIVORCE: Global South Archbishops Challenge Western Anglican Attitudes

8.  MIDDLE EAST: Anglican bishop reports on Gaza situation

9.  Kenyan Anglican Primate Ordains UK Cleric as Honorary Canon in Nairobi

10. EPISCOPALIANS: Fort Worth Diocese change does not have to end in court

11. LOS ANGELES, CA:Anglicans in L.A. and Newport Beach discuss the split

12. NIGERIA: Anglican Church Consecrates 14 New Bishops

13. TRAVERSE CITY, MI: Priest moves to town to start new AMiA church

14. DENVER, CO: Gay Episcopal priest to be ordained in Denver

15. MODESTO, CA: Presbyterian splits lack Episcopalian litigiousness

16. BINGHAMTON, N.Y. Members must vacate church after court ruling

17. SAN JOAQUIN CA: Ruling has implications for Diocese

18. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

19. Diocesan Decisions to leave Episcopal "Church": How the Newspapers Get it Wrong

20. MORE THAN INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT: Pop-Journalism Weighs In On Marriage Debate

21. A Draft Alternative ACNA Constitution - Robin G. Jordan

22. Knowing the Christian God - Robert J. Sanders Ph.D.



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