The Anglican Church in North America and Women's Ordination

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The Anglican Church in North America and Women's Ordination
January 25, 2009

The following is a presentation from Dr Ann Paton, Liturgical Assistant at the Church of the Ascension, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in which she admonishes the new jurisdiction to which she belongs - the Anglican Church in North America, (ACNA) to authorize the consecration of women to the episcopate. 

In the sermon Bishop Robert Duncan is extolled inaccurately, as the sole defender and supporter of women's ordination in the ACNA.

Currently the provisional canons and constitution of the ACNA permit those constituent dioceses and jurisdictions which have practised women's ordination before the creation of the ACNA to continue to ordain purportedly women priests and deacons after joining the new church. 

The same documents currently prohibit the election and consecration of a woman bishop.

The sermon speaks for itself... as the preacher asserts that women's purported ordination is the 'whole Gospel.'

You can hear the sermon here:


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