INAUGURATION: Two Prayers Contrasted – Gene Robinson and Rick Warren

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INAUGURATION: Two Prayers Contrasted – Gene Robinson and Rick Warren

by Cheryl M. Wetzel,

The story of Rick Warren's selection to give the Invocation at the Inauguration- and the homosexual community's furious opposition - has occupied much of the press for the past several weeks.  After the initial deluge of complaint, Gene Robinson was asked to open last Sunday's Concert at the Lincoln Memorial with prayer. 

Today, we heard both prayers and the contrast between couldn't be stronger.  

Robinson opened his prayer with a pluriform tribute to a 'god of many understandings.'  He prayed for anger, especially at discrimination against "gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.  Later in the prayer, he did ask for mercy, compassion, wisdom and safety for the President-elect.  Jesus?  No, not politically correct.

Warren opened the Invocation to the Almighty God, creator of all we can see. He asked for blessings and courage and faith and God's favor.  

He reminded us that our nation is in God's Hands; asked for peace - peace of mind and peace in our hearts.  Warren concluded his prayer 'in the Name of the one who changed my life, Jesus Christ.'  

I must conclude that the essential differences expressed in these two prayers  - one given primarily to defend and support gay rights and the second given in gratitude for the certainty of a living relationship with God through Christ - explains why the Diocese of New Hampshire has 10,000 people and Rick Warren's church has over 40,000.  

As Scripture reminds us, "from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."  

---Cheryl M. Wetzel is the Editor of Anglicans United

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