Canadian Archbishop Demonstrates Paranoia in Face of Orthodox Anglican Fleers

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Canadian Archbishop Demonstrates Paranoia in Face of Orthodox Anglican Fleers

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By David W. Virtue 

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Canada, The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz believes that Anglican churches across Canada are being "infiltrated" and that there is an "agenda" and "strategies for withdrawing from the Anglican denomination." 

In a talk he gave in the Diocese of Niagara recently and recorded by a local blogger, Hiltz opined that special meetings have been called to lure people away from the national church.

He did not name names, but it is clear he was referring to Bishop Donald Harvey and the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC), a growing group of orthodox churches that left the liberal denomination and came under the Province of the Southern Cone and Archbishop Gregory Venables because of the Canadian church's leftward swing over matters of pansexual behavior. 

"The parishes across Canada who decided to leave the ACoC and join ANiC did so because they could no longer follow the increasingly heretical path that the ACoC is treading. 

The ANiC parishes made this decision - often at some cost - on the principle that it is better to follow Jesus than an organization," said a conservative blogger. Anglican blogger Samizdat, cynically noted, "Elvis is alive." 

The conspiratorial notion, put forth by Archbishop Hiltz, that some sort of fifth column is infiltrating his church would be hilarious if it weren't so absurd. Hiltz praised what he called the "clarity" that he and his bishops have given (to the situation). 

The "pastoral care" parishes clearly give and do not warrant this kind of action, he said. The truth is orthodox parishes are leaving because their views on sexuality, specifically their opposition to rites for same sex marriages and the acceptance of openly homogenital priests are not honored or respected. 

They are being bulldozed into accepting pansexuality against their consciences and theology. While only a handful of dioceses have implemented rites for same sex unions, it is clear that in time it will be universally accepted. Those who oppose it will be marginalized and vilified. 

Those that have left the ACoC have chosen voluntarily to leave (and left their properties) while some have lost their parishes in legal dogfights with the local diocese. 

Four parishes are fighting for their properties in the Diocese of New Westminster where the ultra-liberal bishop Michael Ingham officially deposed the greatest living Anglican theologian in the Anglican Communion, Dr. James I. Packer. 

More than a dozen parishes have left Ingham's diocese. There have never been clandestine meetings. All of them have been public with times and dates published on various conservative Anglican websites. 

VOL has attended some of these public events where everything has been done upfront with full public participation and media openness. "All will be well, however, due to the clarity with which Hiltz and his bishops speak, and the pastoral care they offer - in between lawsuits," noted one blogger sarcastically. 

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