BREAKING NEWS....LOS ANGELES: Episcopal Church Wins Property Lawsuits

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Mon Jan 5 20:54:12 EST 2009

LOS ANGELES:  Episcopal Church Wins Property Lawsuits

By David W. Virtue

Today The Episcopal Church won in the State of California where several parishes had seceded from The Diocese of Los Angeles. Applying the neutral principles of law approach, the court concluded that the general church, not the local church, owns the property in question. Although the deeds to the property have long been in the name of the local church, that church agreed from the beginning of its existence to be part of the greater church and to be bound by its governing documents. These governing documents make clear that church property is held in trust for the general church and may be controlled by the local church only so long as that local church remains a part of the general church. When it disaffiliated from the general church, the local church did not have the right to take the church property with it, the court concluded.

You can read the full decision here:

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