New Covenant Church Joins the Anglican Mission

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Sun Jun 20 22:59:06 EDT 2004

New Covenant Church Joins the Anglican Mission

By Jay Greener

Following an intensive process, a dynamic Florida congregation has voted
to join the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA). New Covenant Church of
Winter Springs, formerly of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida,
has left the Episcopal Church and affiliated with the Anglican
Mission-an outreach of the Anglican Province of Rwanda. New Covenant's
leadership voted unanimously to join the AMiA following a thorough
process in which other options were considered.

"It really was the clear choice for us," declared the Rev. Carl
Buffington, the church's Pastor. "We wanted to remain Anglican, to be
part of a dynamic 'network' of churches, and to remain under the care of
a bishop. Plus, AMiA's vision fits ours-that of reaching out to our
neighbors and the lost."

The growing congregation of 325 decided to leave the Episcopal Church
USA, which is in turmoil after years of decline and crises of faith and

New Covenant has entered into a unique lease agreement with the diocese
for their property. They can continue to worship at their current site
for up to two years while the diocese decides whether it will
re-establish an Episcopal church in that location. If the diocese
chooses not to utilize the property, New Covenant may have the
opportunity to purchase the facilities. The agreement is unusual in that
most churches that have left Episcopal dioceses across the US have been
forced to vacate the premises, or take on the dioceses in expensive and
largely unsuccessful court actions.

"Our focus is really on the future now," reflected Rev. Buffington.
"There is a lot of energy and excitement in experiencing a new
freedom-to shape ourselves in a new way as God calls and directs. We are
now discovering who we really are."

The Rt. Rev. Sandy Greene, who used to pastor in Destin, Florida, will
serve as Bishop for the congregation. "The joy that I have had in
working with New Covenant and their leaders is sharing a vision of a new
kind of Anglican Church that is more like that of our African and Asian
brothers and sisters," Bishop Greene stated. "A church in which we are
beginning to understand what Jesus meant when he said that 'I have come
to seek and save the lost.' "

The congregation is preparing to enter a season of study and prayer as
part of the "40 Days of Purpose", based on the popular writings of Rick
Warren used by countless congregations. Church members are excited to
learn of new ways to engage their mission statement, to be a worshiping,
healing, and equipping family, learning to walk together as brothers and
sisters in Christ and to be His ambassadors in the world.

New Covenant Church is located at 800 Tuskawilla Rd in Winter Springs,
Florida, and their phone number is 407.699.0202. Learn more by visiting
their web site,

The Anglican Mission in America is a growing missionary movement of over
65 churches, sponsored by the Anglican province of Rwanda. With the
oversight of two Anglican archbishops the AMiA is focused on reaching
out to the 130 million un-churched in the United States.


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