Two Christians to be Killed for Every Muslim: Fatwa issued in Pakistan

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Two Christians to be Killed for Every Muslim: Fatwa issued in Pakistan

By Patrick Sookhdeo

Christians Killed, Churches Burnt

Muslim religious leaders in Pakistan are reported to have issued a
fatwa stating that two Pakistani Christians will be killed for every
Muslim who dies during American strikes on Afghanistan.  Earlier,
Maulana Sami ul-Haq, a former member of Pakistan's legislative assembly
and a nationally recognised figure closely connected to international
Islamic extremist movements, told journalists that the Qur'an clearly
states that Jews and Christians are the enemies of Muslims, and by
inference should be killed.

Meanwhile the persecution of local Christians has already begun.  On
the very evening of September 11th a Christian restaurant owner was
beaten to death by a gang of Muslim men who refused to pay for their
meal saying, "Take your payment from America."  In Rawalpindi five
Christian families were dragged from their homes and savagely beaten by
Muslim mobs during anti-American protests.  In a separate incident in
Lahore a gang of Muslims set fire to a church.  When the minister
attempted to stop them he was viciously beaten.  Another church has
reportedly been stoned by Muslim rioters, and a Christian school broken
into and vandalised.  At least three more churches have also been

Christians Feel Betrayed

In Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria and across the Islamic world many
Christians are terrified.  They are living in fear and intimidation,
facing the prospect of widespread, massive and violent reprisals from
angry Muslims if America and its allies attack Afghanistan.  At a time
when Church and political leaders in the West have, quite rightly,
rushed to condemn attacks against Muslims, they cannot understand why
these leaders have not also spoken up on their behalf, or come to their
defence.  They feel betrayed both by their fellow Christians and by
Western Governments.

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of the Barnabas Fund
commented, "The situation is extremely serious and demands urgent
attention.  Never in living memory has the situation for Christian
minorities in the Islamic world been so precarious."

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