Hope for Homosexuals by Bill McCartney

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4th and Goal Commentary
Hope for Homosexuals

By Bill McCartney

Is the homosexual lifestyle a choice?

I'm Bill McCartney... It's 4TH and Goal!

For decades we've been told that homosexuality is genetically ingrained
and unchangeable, but a new study shows that's not true. The results of
the study, conducted by Dr. Robert L. Spitzer, a professor of
psychiatry at Columbia University, came as a surprise - even to Dr.
Spitzer. "Like most psychiatrists, I thought homosexual behavior could
only be resisted, and that no one could really change their sexual
orientation," Spitzer said, adding, "I now believe that to be false."

Spitzer's views are all the more significant, because, in 1973, he led
the effort to persuade the American Psychiatric Association to remove
homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. But, he became
interested in conducting the study when former homosexuals protested
the APA's policy of discouraging reparative therapies.

The report involved 200 men and women and showed that 66 percent of the
men and 44 percent of the women had achieved what Spitzer called "good
heterosexual functioning" after seeking help to change their sexual

John Paulk, a former homosexual himself, who oversees the homosexual
outreach at Focus on the Family, welcomed the news. "It documents such
a strong indicator of change."

It's all the more significant to know that the 200 participants in the
study had all refrained from homosexuality for at least five years.
"Five years is a good period of time to show change," says Paulk. The
study "psychologically and scientifically legitimizes what's been
happening for thousands of years...that people have been overcoming
homosexuality," he adds.

I believe this report represents very good news for those who struggle
with homosexuality. If you - or someone you know - is unhappy with the
homosexual lifestyle, organizations like Exodus International and Focus
on the Family can direct you to the help you need.

Until now, homosexuals have been discouraged from seeking help to
change, and those who offer help have been criticized as frauds,
leaving gays and lesbians who are unhappy with their lifestyle with
little more than despair. But, no longer! At a recent meeting, Spitzer
announced, "The research shows some people can change from gay to
straight, and we ought to acknowledge that."

There is hope.

I'm Coach Bill McCartney.

Source Material: "New Study: Gays Can Go Straight," by Cal Thomas on
www.crosswalk.com, 5/10/01; "Ministries Welcome Psychiatrist's 'Gays
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