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Thu May 31 01:44:42 EDT 2001

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am posting only a handful of stories today, largely breaking news in
ECUSA and Part II of The Battle of Accokeek. This is by no means the
final word as Bishop Jane Dixon is now regrouping for they next phase
of the war.

Charges, both criminal and civil were filed against Dixon yesterday for
trespass and it will be up to the courts as to how they unfold and are

Now if you had any doubt that a war exists in ECUSA you will be
interested to learn that the battle for Christ Church, Mobile, Alabama,
the parish of the decidedly evangelical Priest, The Rev. Dr. Tim Smith
was won, after a fashion, by The Episcopal Church. He and his new
congregation that is now part of the Anglican Mission in America (AMIA)
must vacate the premises by October. It was a satisfying send-off for
outgoing Charles Duvall the bishop of Central Gulf Coast apparently.
This story is posted for you.

Now what you won't read is how the Archbishop of Canterbury's personal
chancellor Mr. John Rees was injected into this case to fend off the
AMIA and to add weight to the Episcopal Church's claim to the
property. This was a major development particularly as the watchword is
"provincial sovereignty" (Anglicanspeak for, I don't want to touch this
with a barge pole.")

Now we all know George Carey's antipathy towards Chuck Murphy and the
AMIA, but there is something decidedly rotten in the state of Denmark,
when the Anglican Church's No. 1 archbishop sends his personal lawyer
across the ocean to inject his presence into local diocesan matters. I
will post a story later about this.

As you all know by now, the Bishop of Pennsylvania, Charles E. Bennison
has told the parish and rector of St. John's, Huntingdon Valley, PA
that they must vacate that parish in a few short weeks. They too have
gone to richer theological pastures with the AMIA.

The parish has offered the bishop and diocese a million dollars for
the property and Bennison would be a fool not to accept it.

If he doesn't, he will be left with a parish stuck in the middle of a
cemetery that he can do nothing with; about 10 people who will worship
with a new rector and with not enough income to pay the cleaners. He
will be forced to dig into endowment and diocesan reserves to keep the
parish doors open. It'll be interesting to see if common sense triumphs
over pride.

Bennison's victory is pyrrhic. An empty church is nothing to crow
about, and Bennison is facing a critical mass of some 15 parishes that
need constant injections of money. He tried to close them down recently
but got into trouble for attempting to do so from his wealthy liberal
suburban parish priests.

Time will reveal all.

Now I am posting a number of other stories and I close, as usual, with
a devotional.

If you would like to review past digests you can go to:

A warm welcome to the more than 50 new subscribers who have signed on
to Virtuosity in the past three days. A special welcome to the 4,000
Continuing Anglicans in Australia who requested Virtuosity stories for
their magazines and publications. 'Down Under' it seems, has more than
just crocodiles, kangaroos, Fosters for Beer, mate and an Opera House.
Thank you for your confidence.

All blessings,

David W. Virtue

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