Diplomat Writes Open Letter to Olympia ECUSA Bishops

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Mon May 28 00:39:40 EDT 2001


By Michael Mates

Amcongen Karachi Unit 62400,
Box 137 APO
AE 09814-2400

28 May, 2001

The Rt Rev Vincent Warner , Jr, Bishop of Olympia
The Rt Rev Sanford Z. K Hampton, Assistant Bishop
1551 Tenth Ave East PO Box 12126 Seattle, Washington 98102

Dear Bishop Warner and Bishop Hampton

I have read Bishop Jane Dixon¹s letters to Fr Samuel Edwards of St.
John¹s, Christ Church, Accokeek, Maryland.  One particularly intriguing
letter, with its drum-beat litany of ³you will,² was virtually a
caricature of the snarling Nazi officer bullying a prisoner of war.

Her tone is enough to raise hackles.  Beyond the tone, her letters and
actions,  and her intolerance of Fr Edwards¹s traditionalist views,
have sent the message:  ³We have a big, inclusive tent, but we don¹t
want you.² Sharing most views with Fr Edwards, I apply the message to
myself as well. If she¹s for inclusion, ³include me out²!

Both of you are on record as supporting Dixon against Edwards.  So be
it. The Diocese of Olympia and its churches have nourished me
spiritually since 1952 in a roll call of honor--McNeill and Vruwink of
Christ Church University District (and Bishop  Bayne, in full regalia,
operating a jack hammer to ³break cement² for the parish hall), Bennett
and his successors at St. Luke¹s Ballard.

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