Jane Dixon replies to Fr. Sam Edwards. Dixon appoints Haines Interim Rector

David Virtue DVirtue236 at AOL.COM
Sat May 26 23:52:35 EDT 2001

Jane Dixon replies to Fr Sam Edwards

Diocese of Washington

May 25, 2001

The Rev Samuel L.  Edwards c/o Christ Church, St John's Parish 600
Farmington Road West Accokeek, MD 20607

Dear  Father Edwards

It deeply saddened me to receive yesterday your refusal to give the
guarantees outlined in my letter of May 22. It is troubling that you
will not make such basic commitments to respect the Church, honor its
canons, and obey your ordination vows. Your statement that you are
being asked to violate canon law, secular law and your ordination vows
is based on a deeply flawed understanding of their requirements. No
reasonable Episcopal priest should hesitate to give the guarantees set
forth in my letter. That is the unanimous view of the Standing
Committee of this Diocese.

Your unwillingness to provide these assurances speaks to an agenda far
beyond that of one whose goal is to be a rector within the Episcopal
Church or the Diocese of Washington. I will not, therefore, change my
decision that you are not duly qualified to be a rector, nor will I
license you to officiate at Christ Church on an interim basis.

Canon law is unequivocal that a priest may not officiate in a diocese
for more than two months without a license. Therefore, to abide by the
canons, as you claim has always been your practice, you must cease
officiating at Christ Church as of the end of the day May 25.

May God bless you always

Jane Holmes Dixon Bishop of Washington Pro tempore

cc: Barbara K. Sturman

NOTE: It was learned late last night that Dixon has appointed recently
retired Bishop Ronald Haines as Interim Rector at Christ church,

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