Jesus Is "Not the Son of God' According to Church of Scotland

David Virtue DVirtue236 at AOL.COM
Thu May 24 01:37:18 EDT 2001

Jesus Is 'Not The Son Of God' According to Church Of Scotland

Lord Younger, the Queen of England's official  representative to the
General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, has spoken for the first
time of his personal doubts that Jesus is the "biological" Son of God.

In comment that may set him at odds with many Kirk members, the former
Tory Scottish Secretary of State for Scotland, declares: "I don't think
you can be absolutely literal and say he was born without a father."
Lord Younger, instead, subscribes to the view, held by progressive
theologians, that Jesus was divinely inspired by God.

A former Moderator of the General Assembly, the Very Rev. Dr. James
Weatherhead seven years ago called into question the doctrine of the
Virgin Birth.  More recently, Richard Holloway, a former Episcopal
bishop, described Christ as "simply an extraordinary man." The Right
Rev. Andrew McLellan, a former Moderator, said, "What the Bible
means... that God is uniquely present in the presence of Jesus...
..I think George Younger -- and the Church of Scotland -- believe
that... .but there's room in the Church of Scotland for those who
affirm that Jesus is the Son of God in a biological DNA sense... ."


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