More Americans are Seeking Net-Based Faith Experiences - Barna Report

David Virtue DVirtue236 at AOL.COM
Thu May 24 01:32:15 EDT 2001

More Americans Are Seeking Net-Based Faith Experiences

A bi-weekly report from George Barna

More Americans Are Seeking Net-Based Faith Experiences

We recently conducted a substantial study regarding the place of the
Internet in people's spiritual lives.  This is one of the most rapidly
developing areas in the ministry world today - and, according to
pastors, one of the most confusing.  We learned that more than 100,000
Protestant churches already minister to people through the Web.  Other 
findings include:

·   Within this decade as many as 50 million individuals may rely
solely upon the Internet to provide all of their faith-based

·   Americans are just starting to warm up to the idea of cyberfaith.
We foresee two-thirds of people engaging in Net-based religious
pursuits on a regular basis as the decade progresses, such as listening
to archived religious teaching, reading online devotionals, and buying
religious products and resources online.

·   Adults, teens and pastors have different interests and expectations
regarding how they plan to use the Internet for their faith

·   Virtually every dimension of the faith community will be influenced
by online faith developments through the likes of self-produced and
self-marketed worship music, e-mail broadcasting, theological chats,
online meetings, broadcasts to congregants who are immobile, live
webcasting of mission trips, and 24/7 ministry training from the best
trainers and educators in the world.


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