Two South Carolina Bishops Weigh in Against Jane Dixon

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Tue May 22 11:09:26 EDT 2001


Special Report

By David W. Virtue

The Bishop of South Carolina, the Rt. Rev. Edward L. Salmon, Jr. and
his Suffragan, the Rt. Rev. William J. Skilton have written a letter to
Washington Suffragan Bishop Jane Dixon arguing that the evidence does
not support her attempt to remove Fr. Sam Edwards from the position he
has assumed as rector of Christ Church, Accokeek.

This brings to nine the number of bishops who have written to Dixon
urging her to back down and let Edwards assume his rightful position as
the canonically called rector of the parish.

The two South Carolina bishops cite six reasons why Edwards should
rightfully be allowed to lead the parish.

1. The failure to comply with the thirty-day deadline canonically
supporting his position as rector.

2. That the basic issue is his refusal to accept the ordination of
women and your demand that he does so.

3. That the writings and positions of Fr. Edwards are not schismatic,
but illustrative of the struggle of many in the American church over
basic theological issues.

4. That there are bishops and dioceses both in the past and in the
present who have found ways to make these relationships work and not
be divisive.

5. That the Primates of the communion and the Lambeth Conference have
asked that we find ways to include theological positions on the
ordination of women issue that are legitimately held throughout the

6. That the conflict in the Diocese of Washington is destructive of the
unity of the Church both in this country and abroad.

The bishops conclude their letter prayerfully urging that "you and the
diocese and Accokeek parish" will be lead by the Holy Spirit and the
diocese to a godly resolution of this matter.

A copy of the letter was sent to the Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold,
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey and the senior warden of
the parish, Barbara Sturman.


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