Robert Spitzer, MD - From "Gay" to Straight? by Dr. F. Earle Fox

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Robert Spitzer, MD -- From "Gay" to Straight?

Dr. F. Earle Fox

Twenty eight years ago, in 1973, Dr. Robert Spitzer played a major role
in the change of the American Psychiatric Association's stance on
homosexuality, beginning the move toward the full acceptance of
homosexuality as normal rather than pathological.

In recent years, the APA let it be known that it does not approve of
"reparative" or transformational" therapy for homosexual persons on the
grounds that such therapy is not only unrealistic, but potentially
dangerous because it encourages homosexual persons to deny their inborn

But recently the same Dr. Spitzer has come to believe that at least
some homosexual persons can indeed come out of that lifestyle and lead
normal heterosexual married lives -- causing no small storm in the
homosexual community.

Can one really change same-sex desires to opposite-sex desires?

Early in the 1990's, a number of studies were advanced, almost all by
homosexual researchers, implying that homosexuality was genetically or
biologically caused. These studies alleging a built-in cause of
homosexual behavior were the foundation for the homosexualists'
assertion that homosexuality was not changeable.

There was, for example, the "hypothalamus" study, the "twin" study, and
the "gay gene" study, all of which the press picked up immediately,
sometimes with banner headlines, telling the public that homosexuality
was not something chosen, but rather was "hardwired" into a person's
being. It is part of "who they are", not merely "what they do".

The effect of that was to soften resistance against homosexual behavior
on the grounds that we cannot blame someone for a condition that he
cannot help.

Several things need to be said about these claims.

First, even if one grants the legitimacy of the studies indicating an
innate condition, it does not follow that homosexuality is either
morally acceptable or healthy. If a "violence" gene were discovered,
these same people would not likely promote a violent lifestyle. But
commonsense logic is not so important to those promoting homosexuality
as persuasion of the public by whatever means might work.

Secondly, some of the studies actually contained disclaimers by the
authors, noting that they did not prove the existence of a "gay" gene,
or that homosexuality is caused only by biological factors. The
authors, in other words, gave themselves a hidden loophole. That
admission of non-proof was not given to the public, either by the press
or by the authors themselves. So the public was willfully deceived into
believing that there was indeed evidence proving the homosexualist
claims. The public was lied to. The persons behind this nonsense knew
perfectly well what they were doing.

Anyone who thinks that this was not a deliberate deceit needs to read,
"After the Ball", by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, probably the two
premiere strategists of the homosexualist movement. The book spells out
their planned attack to undermine Biblical moral standards so as to
promote homosexuality as "mainstream America". You will readily
recognize the strategy which is being played out before us all over
America. It is, in their own words, propaganda. That is to say, brain-
washing. They are selling by deceit a program that would never survive
open and honest discussion. So they must at all costs undermine any
attempt to have candid sharing of evidence. That is, they must
undermine any honest science (see below).

Thirdly, prior to the early 1990's, no one was seriously maintaining
that persons could not change from homosexual to heterosexual. Neither
Alfred Kinsey, the pseudo-scientist known as the grandfather of the
sex-revolution, nor Masters and Johnson who likewise gave a scientific
shine to the sex revolution, nor researchers such as John Money said
that no one could change. If you wanted to change, go ahead. Who cares?
It might be difficult, but it was not generally considered either
impossible or self-destructive to try. Change of "orientation" was just
not an issue.

It was only in the early 1990's that homosexualists realized the power
of politicizing "change" into a moral issue, completely turning the
tables on the Biblical standards which had been prevalent (even if
honored more in the breach than in the keeping). Not only is
homosexuality "OK", opposition to it is actually evil (hence hate-crime
laws) and attempted therapy is destructive and ought to be banned.

Fourthly, the success of the homosexualist propaganda has ridden into
the American consciousness largely through our government-controlled
school system. Our children are be taught by law that homosexuality is
"OK", and any significant objection to that betrayal is treated with
contempt and/or threat of legal repercussion. So-called "hate-crime
laws" are not meant to protect the public, they are attempts to shut
down their opposition.

For example, the governor of Massachusetts has had over $1,000,000 of
public funding given over to promoting the homosexual agenda through
the public school system. In league with homosexual advocacy groups and
local school districts, the state department of education sponsored a
"Teach Out" at Tufts University, to which parents were not invited. A
few did attend, recording some of the workshops. It is difficult to see
how the degradation of our children could sink much deeper. Children as
young as 14 were being taught abusive activities such as "fisting", the
insertion of one's fist into the vagina or anal tract of one's partner
for sexual pleasure. The reaction of the homosexualists has been to sue
the parents for violation of privacy. This agenda is being pursued in
every state in the union by homosexual advocates.

The surprise is not that some people will do such things, the surprise
is that parents still leave their children in schools which do it, and
that those responsible are not forthwith removed from office and, where
possible, prosecuted. This is criminal sexual abuse of children.

You will not hear about such betrayal by our government and schools in
the "liberal" media because they do not want you to know how you are
being treated. And the pseudo-conservative media are too cowardly to
take on the enemy. Our schools have so undermined the capacity of our
citizens to think straight that, as Isaiah notes (Ch. 44), we cannot
say, "Is there not a lie in my right hand...?" We do not know how to
tell truth from lies anymore. The American public has been
intellectually, morally, and spiritually lobotomized.

And that means that we do not know how to distinguish pseudo-science
from true science. The American Psychiatric, Psychological, and Medical
Associations (in whom we invest enormous trust and authority over our
lives to protect us) are guilty of criminal abuse of the public for
refusing to warn us of the dangers of the sex revolution.

In May of 1999, the APA had its annual convention in Washington, DC.
Six months prior, I had become the director of Transformation Christian
Ministries in Washington, DC, one of over 150 Exodus ministries
worldwide helping people out of the homosexual lifestyle. The director
I was replacing led us to the convention center where about fifteen of
us picketed the APA, protesting its stance condemning therapy for
homosexual persons. Most of those picketing were in some stage of
coming out of the homosexual lifestyle, some happily married with

Dr. Spitzer came out to talk with us. He interviewed some of our people
and attended our press conference the next day. To our delight and
surprise, Spitzer came to the conclusion that at least some people
could come out of homosexuality and lead productive lives
heterosexually, and that these people deserved a hearing. Giving them a
hearing is exactly what homosexualists do not want.

There were hints that we might be able to be part of the APA discussion
the following year. In the spring of 2000, I phoned Dr. Spitzer at
Columbia University in NYC to pursue that possibility. A few weeks
later, I drove up to meet with him at his office for about an hour. He
proved to be a delightful person, easy to talk with, interested in what
we were doing, and an honest scientist promoting candid debate within
the APA convention coming up in Chicago that May of 2000. He had
already arranged such a debate with two psychiatrists on each side.

One of Spitzer's primary concerns in our conversation was the attitude
of Christians: Were we packing all homosexuals off to hell? I assured
him that, no, our interest, and God's, was in keeping people out of
hell, not in sending them there. Jesus died on the cross to make the
point. And we, His followers, were to devote our lives in the same

The homosexual advocates, it turned out, refused to participate in the
debate Spitzer was trying to set up. They accused him of being a biased
moderator. He replied that he would find another moderator. But to no
avail. The debate was not to happen.

Several of us from Exodus circles appeared at the 2000 Chicago
convention (with its non-debate), again to picket. Spitzer was there,
friendly and supportive. He was getting a dose of the homosexualist
intransigence about not exposing themselves to honest discussion.

Exodus invited Spitzer to their international convention in July, 2000,
in San Diego, which he accepted. I had lunch with him here and asked
how he found things. "There's no hate here," he replied. Again, it was
the attitude of Christians that he was looking at.

In the meantime, Spitzer was conducting a study to verify whether
persons could actually exit homosexuality by interviewing persons who
made that claim. It was the results of that study which he presented
recently at the 2001 APA convention in New Orleans, and which have
raised such a flap in the media.

Just about anyone who has kept up with the evidence over the years has
known that there never was any credible evidence to support the
homosexualist claims. The media were exhibiting the standard American
lack of sophistication about science, their incapacity to conduct
serious investigative reporting, and their sell-out to pseudo-liberal

As researcher Neil Whitehead notes in his book, My Genes Made Me Do It,
no behavior can be genetically caused. Behavior is much too complex.
Genes can determine the range of behaviors we can engage in, but not
which behavior in that range.

Furthermore, as Jeffrey Satinover points out in Homosexuality and the
Politics of Truth, anything as complex as sexual orientation will never
be resolved by a few studies here and there. Such a subject takes
decades of research and numerous studies, with peer review and counter-

One hopes, if nothing else comes out of this debacle, that Americans
will have gained some appreciation of how honest science works, and
come down very fast and very hard on those who choose to politicize the
truth-seeking process.

One hopes also that Americans will take seriously how they have been
duped, routinely lied to, or at the very least, ignorantly served, by
the medical and other helping professions into whose hands we have
trusted our health and safety.

The persons who are suffering most deeply are homosexual persons
themselves who are being denied truthful discussion about their
condition, and who are being denied genuinely compassionate help in
dealing with a compulsive and lethal addiction.

One hopes also that Christians and others with some modicum of common
sense about sexual matters will retake the public forum and then vote
out of office and banish from public discussion any persons who are not
willing to discipline themselves to truth-seeking and honest compassion
for their fellow human beings.


Dr. Earle Fox heads Emmaus Ministries. He offers seminars to churches
and others explaining how Christians and others can reach out to
homosexual strugglers and win the issues of the public arena. If you
are interested in gaining skills to deal with the pansexual and
homosexual agenda, you may contact Emmaus Ministries in Alexandria,
Virginia, at 703 765-7862.

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