Bishop Slams Anglican Digest over Polygamy Story

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Mon May 21 00:24:00 EDT 2001



By David W. Virtue

The Bishop of Shyira, in the Province of Rwanda has slammed an article
in the most recent issue of The Anglican Digest which says his Province
permits polygamy.

In a letter to the magazine the Rt. Rev. John K. Rucyahana writes: "You
have greatly distorted the truth. First, I want you to know that the
Province of Rwanda has nine dioceses. Second, the Province of Rwanda
does NOT permit polygamy. Our Church has a mission to convert the
polygamous family members to Jesus Christ. Polygamists are called to
repentance and we disciple them. The men stay with one wife, though
remaining faithful for all the children they fathered. But even after
conversion, they are not given responsibility in our Church."

The Anglican Digest ran the story under the heading "DID YOU KNOW?"
"The Diocese of Rwanda, which sponsors the Anglican Mission in America
(AMiA) because of the Episcopal Church's stance on homosexuality,
permits polygamy in its own territory."

This deeply angered the bishop who wrote a letter to the editors of the
Digest saying that, "Those who fall from Christian grace and become
polygamous are disciplined. They do not receive communion and cannot
even be godparents in our Church. Our position marks a difference
between those who claim that their sins and weaknesses are acceptable
in the sight of God."

"I hope that you will have the grace to apologize to the Episcopal
Church of Rwanda so that you may recover your credibility in the eyes
of your readers."

Liberal and revisionist ECUSA bishops have often used the polygamy
argument to claim that African Anglicans are "primitive" and "one step
from animism" and to endorse homosexual behavior in the Episcopal
Church by pointing to these practices.


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