Information from the Archbishop of Canterbury - Original Press Release

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Mon May 21 00:08:11 EDT 2001

ACNS 2292 - ACNS - 2 November 2000

Information from the Archbishop of Canterbury

URGENT NOTICE From the Anglican Communion News Service

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd and Rt Hon George L Carey
has asked the Editor of ACNS to issue the following information to the
Anglican Communion.

In reference to an Internet story on a web site called "Virtuosity",
originating in the United States, about the Archbishop of Canterbury
and the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and certain issues
relating to the American Church; be it known that the Archbishop has
termed the story as "a fiction". Archbishop Carey also called the
allegation in the report by writer David Virtue "a bare faced lie" and
told ACNS Editor James Rosenthal that the story was "completely

Archbishop Carey contacted Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold immediately
upon being informed of the Internet story to "reassure him that I have
said nothing that gives substance to such a fiction".

The Archbishop also said that this kind of reporting is "sadly so
illustrative of the times in which we live".

This list is operated by the communications department of the Anglican
Communion Office, London.

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