Preliminary Statement from meeting with the Presiding Bishop

David Virtue DVirtue236 at AOL.COM
Sun May 20 23:35:00 EDT 2001

Preliminary statement from meeting with the Presiding Bishop

The Presiding Bishop met on May 15, 2001 with a group of bishops to
discuss the situation in Accokeek, Maryland and its implications for
the church, together with other concerns.

The participants were the Most Reverend Frank Griswold, the Right
Reverend John-David Schofield, the Right Reverend Keith Ackerman, David
Booth Beers, the Right Reverend Robert Wm. Duncan Jr., The Right
Reverend Jack Iker, the Right Reverend Peter James Lee, the Reverend
David Moyer, Charles Nalls, the Right Reverend Donald Parsons, and the
Right Reverend Douglas Theuner.

The Presiding Bishop characterized the meeting as "cordial and useful."
The participants agreed that they would issue a joint communiqué about
the meeting as soon as they have all had an opportunity to review a
draft. The statement is expected early next week.   


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