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Sun May 20 22:53:50 EDT 2001

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The big news this week was a meeting of five orthodox bishops, two
liberal bishops two canon lawyers and the North American head of
Forward in Faith the traditionalist organization for Anglo-Catholics in
ECUSA with the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church at the national
headquarters in New York City.

The meeting had been called by the bishops because of the growing
tension between traditionalist Episcopalians who have no "safe places,"
feel marginalized and terrorized by liberal and revisionist ECUSA
bishops from one end of the country to the other.

High on the agenda appears to be the treatment Fr. Sam Edwards is
receiving from the Bishop of Washington Jane Dixon, and her efforts to
have him removed from his canonically called position at Christ Church,
Accokeek, MD.

Based on officials statements thus far it looks like the bishops had
had enough, and the growing fear that they, not the church's
homosexualists and feminists are the ones being marginalized, prompted
the visitation to 815, New York.

Virtuosity has been unable to reach the bishops involved and canon
lawyer, Charles Nalls, reached at his office following the meeting,
said he had "no comment."

You will get an official "interim" statement from Episcopal News
Service, but watch for the final communiqué to appear Tuesday.

LATE BREAKING NEWS...A parish in the Diocese of Pennsylvania, St.
John's Huntingdon Valley made it official and on Sunday departed from
ECUSA and the Diocese of Pennsylvania for the Anglican Mission in
America, according to a note on the Forward in Faith Internet Bulletin
Board. On hand was Bishop Chuck Murphy AMIA bishop from Pawleys Island,
SC to make it all official. This is the second parish to date to leave
ECUSA. St. James the Less in Philadelphia left the diocese and the
national church in 1999 but has not affiliated with another Anglican
body. Bennison continues to press his case at St. James, but they are
not buying it. Fr. David Ousley, the rector will have none of it. I
will publish the full story about St. John's departure tomorrow on

SEQUENCE. The first concerns the bastardization of language that is going on 
in The Episcopal Church with reference to God as Father/mother and god/dess 
talk. Our Episcopal seminaries are feminizing the language of Scripture 
arguing that male language is inherently patriarchal and
sexist. I slaughter this one. Bring your knives, forks and steak sauce.
I am indebted to Dr. Elizabeth Achtemeier for her genius in exposing
what the feminists are doing to create a new religion that is not
remotely Christian. Following this is the Roman Catholic Church's
crackdown to the changes in the church's liturgical disorders,
innovations, and abuses, exemplified by mistranslated liturgical texts.

The second pair of stories takes us down under where the Most Rev.
Peter Carnley the relatively new Primate of the Anglican Church of
Australia has come out for the blessing of same-sex unions. I predicted
this would happen more than a year ago. It seems he is a Griswold clone
- two post-modernist minds bent on destroying their respective churches
for a morally bankrupt sexual behavior. Carnley has been 'flirting'
with the idea of re-examining homosexuality. He is quoted as saying;
"There is no clear biblical teaching about behavior that might be
explicitly appropriate to homosexually orientated persons." It seems
the Diocese of Sydney, a very evangelical diocese fundamentally
disagrees with that notion.

Following this story you will read what the Roman Catholic Church in
Australia has to say by way of response. It was Carnley, who in his
first weeks in the job questioned the bodily resurrection of Jesus.
Australia wants to go the way of all flesh (ECUSA) apparently.

The third pair of stories arises out of concern many of you wrote
regarding the apology of Mr. James Rosenthal this week. As it took some
six months for this apology to appear I am posting the original story
followed by his apology. That should put it all in perspective.

A fourth pair of stories concerns Virtuosity's two syndicated
columnists, Mike McManus and Terry Mattingly who weigh in with stories
about Timothy McVeigh. "Who is praying for McVeigh"? asks Mattingly,
and "Should the death penalty be reconsidered"? writes McManus. Both
stories are excellent reads.

Another story from the pen of Dr. Earle Fox closely examines the
statements of Dr. Robert Spitzer who has publicly stated that some
homosexuals can change their orientation. Fox has met with Spitzer and
this story is a real eye-opener into how homosexualists in America are
politicizing and spinning their sexual behavior to obtain public
acceptance. This story is a keeper.

I am posting a number of other stories from the UK, Canada, India and
Japan for your edification and learning. I close as usual with a
devotional, following upon which I include a little satire on what
might have been said at the gathering of bishops at 815 in New York. If
you have a serious funny bone you might enjoy it.

NOW THERE IS GOOD NEWS FROM TIME TO TIME and I am delighted to tell you
that a parochial mission, Church of the Holy Spirit has been started
near Dulles Airport in Loudoun County, the third fastest growing county
in the US. This is a church plant from Truro Episcopal Church in
Northern Virginia, under the able leadership of the Rev. Martyn Minns.
It is the fourth such plant in the last 32 years. According to the new
Vicar, Clancy Nixon the Diocese of Virginia is now planting two or more
congregations per year. In a note to me he writes: "We are growing the
Church by adding orthodox new believers and churches."

It is very apparent that if you have a gospel to proclaim the field is,
indeed, white unto harvest.

Further south in North Carolina, the Rev. C. King Cole told me on the
phone Sunday that since leaving the Diocese of East Carolina, and the
liberal bishop, Clifton Daniels III, that his parish St. Andrew's has
started four new parishes "all over North Carolina."

"These are small groups of people who have decided they can't stay in
the Episcopal Church. They sent out an SOS saying can you come and help
us. So we go and help them start a parish." St. Andrews is affiliated
with the Anglican Mission in America (AMIA).


John Paulk, former chairman of EXODUS, the nation's leading ex-gay
ministry who was voted off the board after he socialized in a gay bar
in the Washington, DC area, was reinstated unanimously at their March
meeting in Seattle. "John has shown an ongoing commitment to public
integrity and private accountability," said Executive Director Bob
Davies. Paulk told the EXODUS board that he is "a more grateful and
humble man" since the events of last year. "This has been the most
difficult, but spiritually enriching, time in my Christian walk." Paulk
and his wife, Anne, live in Colorado Springs with their two sons. Paulk
is employed by Focus on the Family as manager of their Homosexuality
and Gender department.


In a message from The AAC, they say they are still gathering signatures
in support of Christ Church, Accokeek and they continue to urgently
need your help. Christ Church Accokeek, a small, traditionalist
(conservative) Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Washington
(Washington DC), is under attack from the Diocese's revisionist
(liberal) Suffragan Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Jane Dixon. Christ Church has
called a traditionalist priest to be its new rector but Bishop Dixon is
wrongfully trying to block his call. Bishop Dixon's actions are not
legal under the canon law of the Episcopal Church because bishops are
only allowed to raise objections to the call of a priest during  a 30-
day window prescribed by the canons. Bishop Dixon missed this window by
a wide margin. Nevertheless, Bishop Dixon has launched a campaign of
intimidation against Christ Church designed to force the parish to
abandon its new rector.

On May 27  Jane Dixon will make her appearance at Christ Church to
assume control of the parish. Watch for fireworks there.

You can sign the petition at

The Spring 2001 issue of Encompass is now online! Encompass, the AAC's
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All Blessings,

David W. Virtue

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