Statement from Canon James Rosenthal, Editor ACNS

David Virtue DVirtue236 at AOL.COM
Thu May 17 22:10:13 EDT 2001

Statement from Canon James Rosenthal, Editor ACNS

May 9, 2001

In a spirit of reconciliation, I wish to express to Mr. David Virtue,
Editor of the Virtuosity Digest, my sincere regret if I have caused him
any embarrassment in connection with a story appearing on the ACNS on 2
November 2000 (ACNS 2292 - ACNS - 2 November 2000). The information
provided in this story lacked clarity and the content was inaccurate.

As soon as I became aware that the story was inaccurate and subject to
misinterpretation, I removed the ACNS story from the ACNS web site.
However, I gather that there still may be some sites displaying the
statement. I ask all news services and sites still carrying or posting
that story to remove it.

I hope that this ends an unpleasant chapter for me and for Mr. Virtue,
and I am most happy to make this overture in public.

To all boards, lists and individuals, subscribers and browsers please
note the above statement and make every effort to remove the said
article from other boards, lists, meetings and personal files.

This includes any reader who has accessed or captured or copied the


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