Ambassador for Christ Awards Presented to Mary Haines. Carey sends greetings

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Ambassador for Christ Awards Presented to Mary Haines and Father
Apb. George Carey sends "warm greetings" to Bladensburg

by Robert Stowe England

BLADENSBURG, Maryland  - A local chapter of Forward in Faith / North
America, a traditionalist organization within the Episcopal Church,
today honored two figures in the Diocese of Washington with a newly-
established Ambassador for Christ award.

The award is presented to those who exemplify the admonition from St.
Paul in the II Corinthians 5:20 "Now then we are ambassadors for
Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's
stead, be ye reconciled to God." It is presented to those who, through
the example of their faith, prayers and actions, have been agents of
Our Lord Jesus Christ beseeching the world to be reconciled to God.

An award was presented to Dr. Mary Haines, a member of the board of the
American Anglican Council and a prominent pro-life advocate. The other
was presented to Fr. Samuel Edwards, recently elected rector of Christ
Church, Accokeek, Maryland.

The awards were presented by the Ascension & St. Agnes chapter of
Forward in Faith, which was founded last year by parishioners of the
Church of Ascension & St. Agnes in Washington, D.C. The awards were
preceded by comments by Fr. Michael Heidt, rector of St. Luke's
Bladensburg, which today hosted a day-long Anglo-Catholic event titled
"Christ is Risen! A Festival of Faith."

Mary Haines received an honorary Doctor of Human Letters degree last
year from Nashotah House Seminary in Nashotah, Wisconsin. The degree
recognized Dr. Haines' work as a Christian educator and lay leader. She
has also been active in the National Organization of Episcopalians for
Life. Dr. Haines is honored for remaining a cheerfully faithful witness
to Christian doctrine and morality in the face of revisionist
innovations in the Diocese of Washington and the Episcopal Church.

Father Edwards holds a Master of Divinity degree from Nashotah House.
He has been active in the Anglo-Catholic organizations of the Episcopal
Church and has written extensively on the issues that challenge the
Catholic faith in Evangelical Catholic, Foundations and Seminarians
magazines. He has completed a book manuscript titled Constitution and
Institution:  Essays Toward a Recovery of the Doctrine of the Church.
He is honored for his courage in accepting the call to be rector in a
diocese hostile to the Catholic faith, as well as for his grace under
fire from those who seek to vilify him for his steadfast defense of the
Episcopal Church's traditional Christian doctrine and morality.


Carey Sends "Wam Greetings" to Bladensburg

By Robert Stowe England

BLADENSBURG, Maryland -- Archbishop George Carey of Canterbury,
spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, sent his official greetings
to a Eucharistic Anglo-Catholic rally in this blue collar suburb of
Washington, D.C.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church, a traditionalist parish, today hosted an
all-day celebration of the faith, Christ is Risen! About 300 people
mostly from the region attended the festival, along with a scattering
of people from such places as Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida.

The letter was dated April 18 and was made public for the first time
today by Fr. Geoffrey Kirk, General Secretary of Forward in Faith /
England, during a late afternoon session of inspirational addresses.

The letter was sent to "Geoffrey and friends" (meaning those gathered
in Bladensburg and was in response to a letter to the archbishop from
Fr. Kirk concerning both the rally, as well as the global implications
to the Anglican Communion of the rejection by Suffragan Bishop Jane
Dixon in the diocese of the call of a traditionalist rector, Fr. Sam
Edwards to be rector of Christ Church in Accokeek, Maryland.

"I send you warm greetings in the Name of Christ as you gather in the
parish of St Luke's, Bladensburg, for a special Forward in Faith
Eucharist and Rally," Carey wrote. "I pray for God's rich blessing upon
your meeting, and on your return to your daily lives of witness and

In words that were very welcome to the gathering, Carey wrote: "I
gladly recognize the sincerity of faith and the deep integrity of
traditional Catholics in our Church,  and I share with them a longing
for our Communion to deepen out commitment to the fundamentals of the

Carey also reported that he had come to develop a "growing and deeper
fellowship with Forward in Faith in England."

Carey also appeared to have on his mind the pledge made at a winter
meeting of the Primates at Kanuga, N.C. and the pastoral letter that
emerged, which Carey quotes: "We have committed ourselves to seek for
ways to secure sustained pastoral care for all in our Communion."

Referring to the promise, Carey wrote, "Working out these arrangements
will require sensitivity, close co-operation and deep Christian

In particular, we will need to remain in loyal fellowship with each
other as we seek to listen to each other more deeply and to witness to
the truth as we understand it."

Carey raises the specter that conflicts occurring in the U.S. where
pastoral care is not being provided for traditionalists in revisionist
dioceses threaten the unity of the Anglican Communion. "Our unity," he
writes, "is a precious possession and, once lost, can take much

Fr. Kirk said that the letter was a clear indication that Archbishop
Carey was "worried" about the situation at Christ Church, Accokeek, and
the dangers it could pose to the Anglican Communion. He was worried
that it will become clear in the Church of England what may be in store
for Anglo-Catholics if the church begins to ordain bishops like Jane
Dixon. The Church of England currently only ordains women to the
priesthood, but not to the episcopacy.

"He's saying don't rock the boat," Fr. Kirk says, "and my message to
you is to keep rocking it," he added. By that he meant that the
traditionalists should continue to stand firm against revisionist like
Dixon who seek to eradicate Anglo-Catholicism from within the diocese
and the Episcopal Church.


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