Diocesan council says 'defrock Ssenyonjo'

David Virtue DVirtue236 at AOL.COM
Sun May 13 21:00:01 EDT 2001

Diocesan council says 'defrock Ssenyonjo'

(ENS) A Kampala newspaper reports that Bishop Disani Christopher
Ssenyonjo, chairman of Integrity-Uganda, is threatened with deposition
by the Church of Uganda.

 According to a May 10 article in the government-run New Vision
newspaper, members of the Namirembe Diocesan Council have proposed that
Ssenyonjo be defrocked for supporting Integrity/Uganda. The council
also said Ssenyonjo should no longer be referred to as a bishop, but
agreed to refer the matter to the Provincial Assembly.

 The council also resolved that Ssenyonjo should not "preach in any
church, lead any service, wed any couples, [or] carry on baptisms and
confirmation in the diocese," according to the report. The archbishop
of the Church of Uganda, Livingstone Nkoyoyo, recently banned Ssenyonjo
from preaching in any congregation in the Church of Uganda.

 The president of the local Mothers Union reportedly asked Namirembe
bishop Samuel Ssekadde, who chaired the meeting, if there should be any
sanctions against Ssenyonjo's wife as well, but the council resolved
that Ssenyonjo was to retain her position as a full member of the
Mothers Union "since there was no proof that she was involved in gay

 The council also resolved to start a "crusade" to counter what they
called "gay activities" and that the diocese "should not have anything
to do with people who have come out openly to declare that they are
gay," according to the New Vision account.


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