Devotional - Fearing His Deeds Will be Exposed

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Devotional - Fearing His Deeds Will Be Exposed

"Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the
light for fear that his deeds will be exposed." - John 3:20

In 1821, the rajah Shahaji I ruled the Indian province of Kolhapur. The
rajah felt a special responsibility for his people, and though he was
not a tyrant, he was a law-and-order man.

During that period of time a group of terrorists and thieves, known as
Thugs, began raiding the countryside. Soon, the rajah's treasury was
the target of theft. The rajah promised to end their terrorist
activities. He placed a ring of guards around the treasury. Early one
morning the rajah visited the treasury only to find a guard lying
lifeless in a pool of his own blood. "These devils must be stopped!"
the rajah vowed in anger.

But the rajah's attendants started to question who had committed the
crime. The thugs normally struck during the daytime. They also were
known to strangle their victims because their own beliefs forbid them
from shedding blood. Quietly, the rajah replied: "Whoever did this, I
want their leader caught and killed. And I want him now!"

But the treasury thieves were never caught. But interestingly, the
stealing stopped in 1837 after the rajah died. It turned out that the
rajah was living a double-life: defending sovereign by day and thief by

Christians are not to live "double-lives." There are to be no "secret
sins." The Lord wants all of us and desires that we turn away from all
of our sins. Are you keeping a "secret sin?" Today in prayer, confess
any sin to Christ and turn away from it and live for the Lord's glory.

"To be united with Christ by faith is to throw off the thralldom of
hostile powers, to enjoy perfect freedom, to gain the mastery over the
dominion of evil - because Christ's victory is ours." - F.F. Bruce

God's Word: "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness,
but rather expose them." - Ephesians 5:11

By Peter Kennedy


Next week Virtuosity will begin a new series of devotionals written by Dr.
Sumner, a fine Episcopalian and personal friend. Dr. Sumner is both a scholar
and a journalist. I will tell you more about him and his ministry in the next
Virtuosity Digest.

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