Australians can help end Sudan's War

David Virtue DVirtue236 at AOL.COM
Sat May 5 02:19:54 EDT 2001

Australians can help end Sudan's war

[Southern Cross] Sudan's Bishop of Bor, the Rt Revd Nathaniel Garang
Anyieth appealed to the Adelaide Christians, in Southern Australia, to
assist in bringing about peace and stability in his country and put a
halt 17 years of Christians' persecution.

Bishop Anyieth said Christians everywhere in Sudan live in fear of
their lives and their rights to practice their faith have been totally
undermined. He hopes that Australia Christians and Muslims can help
reconcile the people in Sudan by demonstrating a will to talk together.

He said: "Many Christians have been arrested, tortured or killed by the
government troops because of their faith in Christ. Many churches,
including those in Khartoum, have been burnt down or demolished by the

The Khartoum National Islamic Front government is taking the churches
and the church land and the building of churches in the Northern Sudan
is outlawed. The situation is deteriorating as priests are being
killed. In Bishop's Anyieth Diocese alone six priests were killed.

"Many people have suffered. Myself, I have lost six priests who were
killed in cold blood within my diocese. It is too much. It must stop,"
he said. "They are taking churches and church land. You are not allowed
to build churches in the North Sudan.

Appealing for help, Bishop Anyieth said, "Australian Christians can
help their Sudanese brothers and sisters. It is important for the
people of Southern Sudan to know they have the support of Christians in
countries like Australia," he said.

He expressed concern over the international communities' lack of
attention for the 17 years long civil war in Sudan, and called for
Christians' assistance in ending the war.

Bishop Anyieth said, "The Christians of Southern Sudan often say the
Christians of the world have forgotten them. When war came to Kosovo
many people rushed in. The war in Sudan has been going for 17 years but
no one has rushed to help us. We don't know why."

Expressing his distress over the Muslim extremists refusal to take part
in peace talks, he said, " Muslim extremists will not take part in
peace talks in Sudan. It is important that in places like Australia
Christians and Muslims talk together. It is important that their voices
are heard by the Australian government, and that together they can
become forces for peace."


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