AAC Issues Statement of Strong Support for Christ Church Accokeek

David Virtue DVirtue236 at AOL.COM
Sat May 5 01:38:09 EDT 2001

Board takes immediate action to assist the struggling parish.

 The Board of Trustees of the American Anglican Council (AAC) has
issued a strong statement of support for Christ Church Accokeek,
Maryland, and pledged to take immediate action to assist the struggling
parish.  The AAC¹s action came in response to Suffragan Bishop Jane
Dixon of the Diocese of Washington¹s un-canonical attempt to deny
Christ Church¹s call of the Rev. Samuel Edwards as its new rector.
Bishop Dixon, for whatever reason, failed to raise any objection to Fr.
Edward¹s call during the canonically required 30-day window.  The AAC
statement was issued at the close of this week¹s AAC Board meeting.

"The AAC Board feels strongly that we must take immediate and specific
action to support Christ Church Accokeek," said AAC President the Very
Rev. Canon David Anderson. "This is a clear cut case of a bishop
following unwise counsel and ignoring canon law, therefore overstepping
her authority.  We ask Bishop Dixon to seriously reconsider her
position before the actions and reactions take us to a place that none
of us wants to go."

The AAC committed itself to three specific responses to the crisis in
Accokeek.  First of all, the AAC will set up a new Crisis Fund for
parishes in exceptional need whose first task will be to begin
collecting donations to assist Christ Church.  Designated contributions
to the Crisis Fund will be accepted over the AAC web site at
http://americananglican.org/Contribute/Contribute.cfm as well as by
check.  The AAC asks that contributions be clearly designated on the
web contribution form and the memo line of each check (checks should be
made payable to the AAC) with the following designation: "Crisis

Secondly, the AAC will launch an online petition appeal on its web site
at http://www.americananglican.org/petitions/petition.cfm designed to
give concerned Episcopalians and others a way to stand with Christ
Church by personally voicing their support for the parish.  Lastly, the
AAC expressed its intention to "join with the growing number of bishops
who have offered to help mediate this dispute."

"We strongly encourage concerned Episcopalians and others to join with
us in supporting Christ Church Accokeek by contributing to our new
Crisis Fund and adding their name to our Accokeek supporter list." said
Canon Anderson.  "It is critical that we stand together to support
Christ Church and send a clear message to the leaders of our Church."

For the full text of the AAC¹s statement visit the AAC web site at

In other Board news, the AAC passed a resolution in support of the
Right Reverend Jerry Winterrowd, Bishop of Colorado, "for his stand in
establishing diocesan guidelines for calling of parish clergy who are
single and celibate or married and faithful."  Bishop Winterrowd
recently issued guidelines that prevent the call of non-celebate,
openly homosexual clergy to the Diocese of Colorado.  The AAC pledged
to stand with the Bishop "amidst the criticism he is receiving as a
result of this appropriate and moral action."

The full text of this resolution can also be found on the AAC web site
at http://www.AmericanAnglican.org/News/News.cfm?content=196.

In an exciting development, the AAC began planning for two regional
conferences to be held during the second half of this year.  The first
conference, which will be held in Ohio at the end of August, will be
geared towards empowering beleaguered orthodox parishes.  The second
conference, to be held at the end of November in Northern Virginia, is
being coordinated by the AAC¹s Virginia Chapter.  The focus on this
conference will be to provide practical, hands-on mission and ministry
training for lay and clergy.  More information on these two conferences
will be made available in the coming months.

The AAC will also be in the Diocese of South Carolina from May 19-21
where a series of informational meetings will be held.  Individuals
interested in learning more about these meetings should call the AAC
office at 1-800-914-2000.

"This was a very productive board meeting and we are energized and
excited to move ahead with a number of crucial projects," said Canon
Anderson.  "Our goal continues to be to instill hope in our fellow
orthodox as we work for the transformation of the Episcopal Church."

The American Anglican Council is an orthodox and mainstream mission
organization working for transformation and revitalization in the
Episcopal Church.  For more information on the AAC visit our web site
at www.americananglican.org.


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