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Dear Brothers and sisters,

COMMUNICATION concerns Frank Griswold's words to a group of Georgian
Episcopalians this past week about unnamed Episcopal communicators who
write stories and put them out on the Internet that disparage The
Episcopal Church. This is the second time in as many months that
Griswold has lashed out at unnamed communicators who, he maintains, are
giving a false impression of the Episcopal Church to the worldwide
Anglican Communion.

While no names were mentioned it was very clear that he was referring
to Virtuosity, now the worlds' largest evangelical and orthodox
Episcopal/Anglican News Service.

Griswold is visibly upset about something he cannot control and he is
taking every opportunity to make his feelings known. The Internet, for
all its potential for evil with cyber porn, also has an upside. It can
tell you things that that mainstream media doesn't get around to
saying, and it can also unspin the sins of major denominations like the
Episcopal Church that want to sweep its distortions under the carpet or
spin them in their official publications so that you will never learn
the truth.

But with the advent of the Internet all that has changed. And Frank
Griswold can whine and complain all he wants, but he can no longer spin
ECUSA to the masses. The masses are looking elsewhere for their news.
What stands, in this business, is the integrity of the writer. As we
have seen with dot. Com companies that have failed, we will, in time,
see with online news services. If you are under-funded or you are
perceived as one not telling the truth you will go out of business, and
you should. People who lie or misrepresent the truth ought to go under.
They have no business calling themselves professional journalists or
anything else. Furthermore people should not fund news services that
deliberately misrepresent the truth. I am happy to report that
Virtuosity grows daily by leaps and bounds. When genuine mistakes do
occur I move quickly to correct those. And that is as it should be.

IN THE ONGOING ACCOKEEK SAGA, the recently retired bishop of
Washington, Ronald Haines, says he supports Bishop Dixon "110 percent"
in an interview with Julia Duin of the Washington Times. He said the
search process was "an anomaly" because the diocese was not kept
abreast of who was on Christ Church´s short list. If presented with Mr.
Edwards, "I would have done the same thing Bishop Dixon is doing,"
Bishop Haines said. "It´s her call."

Now it's interesting that the parish spent five years looking for an
orthodox parish priest and the Diocese never intervened or offered any
help during that time, but as soon as it chose someone to their liking,
hey presto the fat hits the fan.

Now when the new president of the House of Deputies, George Werner,
speaking at the recent Central Florida Clergy convocation was asked
about Accokeek by an evangelical priest from Lakeland named Don Lyon,
Werner echoed the Griswold line which drew audible groans from the
gathered clergy. As you will read in today's first story, don't expect
anything from the new HOD president. He will feed the evangelicals
stale bread while giving the Brie cheese and Pinot Grigio to the
liberals and homosexuals even though he told the AAC at the last
General Convention that he promised to be more even-handed. We shall
see. Werner argues that Dixon responded to events, she did not initiate
this crisis. Now there's a piece of fiction for you.

Now there is every possibility, though no one is talking, that the
parish might well secede or be driven out of the diocese and The
Episcopal Church if Dixon appears next month and tries to forcibly
enter the pulpit. In fact she might force the parish to do exactly what
she has expressly hopes does not happen, namely that Christ Church will
leave the diocese and The Episcopal Church. It would be the irony of
ironies, the triumph of the parish and Dixon's self-fulfilling prophecy
coming together.

Now I am told by sources in England that at the Christ is Risen
Festival of Faith to be held May 12 at St. Luke's, Bladensburg in
Maryland which will feature Bishop Jack Iker, (Fort Worth) conducting a
Pontifical High Mass, that Fr. Geoffrey Kirk, Secretary, Forward in
Faith/England and keynote speaker will make a formal announcement about
what FIFUK will do about the Accokeek situation. This should prove most
illuminating because Anglo-Catholic bishops Fullam and Broadhurst have
been silent to date. Can we see flying bishops from the UK coming to
Edwards's aid? This would certainly put the cat among the pigeons and
throw a curved ball at Dr. George Carey not to mention Frank Griswold.

Now I want to say how indebted I am to Anglo-Catholic writer Robert
Stowe England for his fine reporting of the Accokeek crisis. He has
stuck with this story like a limpet to a rock. You will read a couple
of his stories today. Now the American Anglican Council the evangelical
wing of ECUSA is warning vestries of the improper interference by the
diocese in the call of interims and rectors. You can read that story,
and then there's a another story saying the AAC has come out in full
support of Fr. Edwards against Dixon.

The second story today concerns the hypocrisy of Frank Griswold calling
Edwards "schismatic" when he has stoutly refused to say one word of
criticism about Jack Spong and his Twelve Theses. This story is long
overdue. The beating Edwards is taking while Griswold and the bulk of
the ECUSA's bishops have been silent on Spong's flagrant heresies is an
appalling double standard that should not go unanswered. I have written
that story.

Now in a move that only the EPISCOPAL WOMEN'S CAUCUS could dream up,
this gang of femi-nazis tried to do an end run around the Presiding
Bishop and his call for the three remaining dioceses to ordain women.
Griswold had asked the Executive Council to go gently and carry large
feathers. But apparently that word was not heard by the EWC and they
are trying to ram their way into these dioceses, starting with Bishop
Ackerman (Quincy). They wrote a fund appeal letter saying, "The Caucus'
project is to place thick-skinned angels - ordained women -
intentionally in the paths of people who have been denied the
opportunity and gift of the presence and work of female priests."

Well Frank didn't take to kindly to this and wrote them a letter
telling them it was not kosher to do this so cool your jets ladies.
It's amazing when you think about it, Griswold will tell a bunch of
women to back off one of his most orthodox bishops, but he won't tell
one of his revisionist bishop's to back off  an orthodox priest. And
how about his most faithful gay servant Louie Crew who sits on the
Executive Council and takes an all expenses paid trip to Uganda under
one guise, then switches hats when he gets there and pushes for an
Integrity chapter in Uganda. We haven't heard the end of that one.

One wonders how Griswold lives with all the theological schizophrenia
without going out of his mind. Would it surprise anyone to discover,
long after he has gone, that Griswold popped viagra and saw palmetto,
celebrex and ibuprofen all washed down with schtch and carrot juice. I
doubt it. Pluriformity could kill you or, at the very least, drive you
to the loony bin.

We have a number of good stories up today. My good friend Fr. Joe
Wilson, a Roman Catholic priest who lurks in Anglican circles and seems
to know as much about us as we know about ourselves, has written a
story about the elephant in the kitchen. Syndicated columnist Mike
McManus weighs in about Jews for Jesus and a parish in Philadelphia,
that left the Diocese of PA and the Episcopal Church is being paid a
visit by Bishop
Charles E. Bennison after mediation talks had failed. Now I'm including
a couple of stories on persecution in the Sudan that I did not include
in the last digest owing to space demands. They are included today. As
usual I close with a devotional.

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All blessings

David W. Virtue

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