Arrest of Bishop Samuel Musabyimana

David Virtue DVirtue236 at AOL.COM
Wed May 2 00:22:18 EDT 2001

Arrest of Bishop Samuel Musabyimana

The Most Revd Dr M Gitari
Archbishop of Kenya & Bishop of Nairobi

(ACNS) On Thursday 26th April 2001 at about noon Bishop Samuel
Musabyimana was arrested at his house in Nairobi by unknown people. He
was taken into his office which was broken into and various items taken
including his mobile telephone. He was driven towards Jomo Kenyatta
International Airport by two vehicles registration numbers KAM 867G and
KXD 109.

His Lawyers Ajwang' Agina & Associates were present during his arrest
and the arresting people refused to identify themselves or show any
document of authority to arrest or even explain the reasons why the
Bishop was arrested.

Archbishop David Gitari of the Anglican Church of Kenya after learning
about his arrest wrote to the Commissioner of Police to find out why he
was arrested but no response has been received from the police.

Bishop Samuel Musabyimana is a citizen of Rwanda. He came to Kenya
during the 1994 genocide and has been living in Nairobi since that time
with full knowledge of Kenyan Government. We are deeply concerned that
he might have been smuggled out of the country.


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