Anglican Church of Zambia Praised for Helping Others

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Anglican Church of Zambia praised for helping others
The Times of Zambia (Lusaka)
by Times Reporter

Lusaka - Government has praised the church for the role it plays to uplift
the living standards of people through various projects especially in the
rural areas.

Vice-President Christon Tembo said in Ndola yesterday that the Anglican
Church and the church in general played an important role in Zambia.

Lieutenant- General Tembo said the church had done well in education and
health provisions apart from spreading the word of God.

He was speaking at the Anglican Church during the enthronement of Derek
Kamukwamba as the bishop of the diocese of Central Zambia. Bishop Kamukwamba
who was in charge of St George's Church in Luanshya took over from Bishop
Clement Shaba who died in September last year.

Gen Tembo also implored the churches to take the declaration of Zambia as a
Christian nation seriously. He said initially some people especially the
opposition thought the decision had been made in the interest of the MMD as
a party but it was later proved to the contrary.

The occasion was attended by Religious Affairs Minister Peter Chintala,
Copperbelt Minister Matthew Mulanda, Copperbelt based district
administrators and scores of other senior Government officials. Several
Anglican bishops from Malawi, Zimbabwe and Botswana witnessed the
enthronement. Gen Tembo said Government was also worried over the negative
impact of AIDS on Zambian youths. He urged the church to teach the youths to
abstain from sex.

Government was also concerned about squabbles among church leaders. Gen
Tembo appealed to churches to campaign seriously for debt cancellation so
that the money that was being used to service the debts could be used on
other development projects.

And the Archbishop of Central Africa Walter Makhulu urged members not to use
the church as a tribal cabal or a political platform. "The church is not
supposed to be used as a tribal camp and if you are interested in politics
it will be better for you to join any of the political parties which I am
sure will welcome you," said Archbishop Makhulu who is based in Botswana.


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